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Welcome to Dexloot, where gaming meets the blockchain revolution. We're not just a gaming platform; we're a paradigm shift in the gaming industry. Here's why you should join us:

Powered by Web3 & 100%


Our platform is powered by blockchain smart contracts, ensuring complete transparency and fairness. Every game, every transaction, and every result is public and immutable.

Fair Play


At Dexloot, fairness is not just a promise; it's a reality. Our 100% decentralized games are built on trustless algorithms, eliminating any possibility of manipulation.

Multiple Ways to

Earn Money.

Explore various earning opportunities, from watching videos and completing achievements to participating in third-party offerwall tasks and more.

100% Autonomous

Privacy First.

Enjoy the freedom of gaming without the need for intrusive KYC procedures. We respect your privacy and allow you to play and earn with complete anonymity.

Smart Contract based


Say goodbye to waiting for your earnings. With Dexloot, your winnings are instantly transferred to your wallet, without intermediaries or delays. Thanks to the Smart Contract Technology.

Play, Profit, Repeat

Discover Our Decentralized Games


Predict RPO

Predict Runs Per Over and Win BIG!

Test your cricket knowledge and predict how many runs will be scored in a specific over. Win the entire prize pool if your prediction is correct.


Coin Flip

Player vs. Player - Winner takes all!
Challenge other players in a decentralized coin flip game. Fairness is guaranteed with our transparent smart contract algorithm.


Test your Luck and WIN!
Pick your lucky number and join the jackpot contest. Our decentralized algorithm ensures a fair winner selection process.

variety of earning ways for you to earn rewards

Multiple Ways to Earn


Watch Videos

Watch videos and earn tokens while enjoying your favourite content.


Complete Achievements

Achieve milestones in our games and get rewarded for your skills.


Offerwall Tasks

Explore additional earning opportunities through third-party tasks.


Refer Friends

Invite friends to Dexloot and earn rewards for every referral.

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